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Andromeda Glow in the dark Illustration by Chloe Lights

Üdvözöllek a pöttyös kiskertemben!

Ezen az oldalon találsz inspirációkat, megtanulhatsz pöttyözni vagy rendelhetsz az alkotásaim közül!

Welcome to the garden of my dots!

You may find some inspiration, learn how to dot paint or order from my art work on this page!

Chloe Lights purple color dot painted illustration
An illustration about trust

What is dotillism or dot art?

Dot painting can be originated from aboriginal Australians who used symbolism and dot art to express the importance of family, unity and love. The modern version, dotillism became widely popular in the world a few years ago thanks to Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist who lives in Canada, collects beautifully rounded rocks at the beach and then paints many beautiful dots on them.

Fairies on Dandelions Gouache Paintings in Dotillism Style by Chloe Nyiri
Fairies on Dandelions

Order Illustrations

I’ve been creating art since 2015. I have more than 200 illustrations so far that I use as a basic reference. Most of that you can have a look at in Portfolio menu. I currently work with and offer illustrations with watercolor or gouache traditional mediums that I digitalize afterwords.

You can order illustrations by writing to me in the Get in touch menu.

Butterfly girl watercolor illustration by Chloe Lights
Butterfly girl illustration

Purchase Original Paintings

Right now I’m in the process of making it the best possible experience for you to shop my original paintings online. At the moment, in English language you can see my paintings for sale in my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/ChloeLights

Pregnancy Illustration

Learn how to dot paint

If you would like to try dot painting or would love to see how I paint, what kind of materials I use and what tips & trick I have, please subscribe to my Youtube channel:

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Dotty peacock coloring page by Chloe Lights
Dotty peacock coloring page by Chloe Lights

Ilya review of dot painted jewelry by Chloe Lights


Andrea review of dot painted illustration by Chloe Lights