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NEW! Postcards from my Illustrations

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I received this package of postcards:

Chloe Nyiri Illustrations Postcards

The story behind that is last year I worked with a printer who cut off major parts from my illustrations, sometimes a cutting a person in half, sometimes cutting half of a tree off. So I stopped working with that printer and ever since then I have been struggling to find one that has all that I need and is in a reasonable traveling dictance.

I started to run out of prints and after nearly a year I decided to give them another go, so I ordered 100 pieces of 2020 postcards and to my greatest surprise they became quite professional, they sent me a preview of how it is going to look like and also a quote of how much it will be.

Chloe Nyiri 2020 Calendar of Illustrations
2020 Pocket Calendars

I was also very happy with how fast they were and I loooved the end result!

A few days after I went to pick up the pocket calendars, I decided to order a larger amount of postcards. I had 13 new paintings and ordered postcards of each of them. I waited 10 days and I haven’t even received a confirmation letter that my order has arrived.

Chloe Nyiri Dot Painted Illustration Postcard

After 10 days I decided to kindly ask them if they received my request for an order and not long after that I got an answer from a different email address that they are very sorry for the delay in replying to me, my email must have gotten lost but if it’s ok with me they will make it up to me by sending the order right to my address!

Under the lavender sky

I think it all went down in a day and I was sooo happy because the colors and the quality of the paper were soo much better than before! I knew that the postcards will be a good fit because over the last year I learnt all I could about creating illustrations.

Chloe Nyiri Dot Painted Illustration Postcard

So when I paid the guy who delivered the postcards to me, he started telling me of how he got my message and I realized that he is not just some random delivery guy, he is the one who printed my postcards! So I asked him if they were renovating the printshop or what happened that my email didn’t arrive and now he is here, delivering my order.


He stopped, looked at me for a minute and then told me that the printshop has actually went bankrupt and he is just some random guy who bought all the printing and cutting machines from my former printshop!

My mermaid

I was uite shocked for a minute but I have to tell you I was kind of relieved because I got better service in the end even though I feel a bit sad for the printshop.

I you love my art work then first of all thank you ❤ you made my day and you can order online:

I made a video a few days ago about most of the things you can currently find in my shop, just in case the photos don’t tell you enough about the size, colors or other details of my treasures:

I also recently made a 50 tags about me video which I will link here, too:

Thank you so very much for sticking around and if you have any questions or ideas, please drop it down in the comments section below!

Have a lovely day,


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