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Story Time | I met a collector of my art

Last Saturday I opened Intuita at 10 am, as usual, having chaos in my mind, as usual, doing 10 things at the same time, as always.

Not long after a young girl stepped in whom I immediately recognize: she was here about 6 months ago and she bought half of my stock at the time, came back a few days later and bought the rest from my boss!

Dot painted butterfly painting by Chloe Nyiri
Butterfly painting

This painting above is one that I remember she bought that day and I was in such a shock that I don’t quite remember the rest.

So I immediately recognized her and I also remembered that she didn’t speak English or Hungarian (these are the 2 languages I speak and I understand quite a bit of Spanish, Portugese and Italian). By looking at her, I would guess that she is from a neighbouring country, like Croatia, Romania or Slovakia.

So this time, she pointed at two of my window decors, and one of my original paintings. I started packing them for her, meanwhile I held my breath out of excitement that she loves my art so much that she came back after half a year for more!

Glow-in-the-dark dot painted rocks by Chloe Nyiri
Glow-in-the-dark rocks

She asked me: “More?” – and she pointed at my other window decors.

I tried to explain to her that at the moment these are all that I have but in a week I can bring more. She held out her hands and showed 7 with her fingers and I nodded with a smile.

Dot Painted Prints by Chloe Nyiri
My postcards

I really wanted to please her so I showed her my postcards but she wasn’t interested in them.

I was very excited to see this young woman again but I was very nervous because I thought that I should be fair to her and let her know that actually, I am that artisr behind these pieces. You would think it is quite obvious but there are more than 120 artists’ work exhibited in Intuita!

I couldn’t bring myself to let her know, though. She promised to come back for more window decors this Saturday so what do you think? Should I let her know? Let me know in the comments!



PS.: She came back after two weeks (on the 21st of December) and although I was too shy to tell her that she has been buying art from me, I gave her loads of gifts and I found out that she is from the Czech Republic so we had a very nice chat with aid of Google Translator! 😀

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