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Why I bought so much staff from Body Shop lately

This Christmas I decided to surprise my family and also myself for Christmas from The Body Shop and for that I have had multiple reasons but first let’s get into what I actually got in these past 2 months!

If you never heard of the brand, The Body Shop is a UK brand specializing in quality, natural, cruelty-free skin-, haircare and makeup. Their service to the community is A-MA-ZING, their dedication to create high quality items is another thing that gets me really excited and my biggest dream ever would come true if they would ask me to illustrate something for them!

First of all I would like to let you all know that I don’t have a lot of money so while some of you will find these are just what they put in the basket on a regular weekday, this amount is pretty huge for me.

My mum lives in London and I live near Budapest, in Hungary so I had that idea that we could save a whole lot of trouble and shipping cost, if this year we each bought things from The Body Shop from our own country and it would feel like we exchanged gifts.

I already knew that I would love to get her the biggest strawberry package ever so I asked her if she could order that for herself. I knew she would be very happy because she looooves strawberries and anything with strawberry scent or flavour (that tastes or smells like real strawberries) and I wasn’t wrong!

So in exchange she let me choose my own favourites and I chose the banana shampoo, conditioner and the monkey shower cap alongside with the “Don’t ask, Just mask” package that contains 6 facial masks! I also purchased a shea handcream and lip balm, I already knew that I loved the scent of these two because 2 month ago, I got a shea shower cream from my boyfriend’s mum and both me and my boyfriend loved it very much.

So next to those I had to add this lovely banana hair mask just for the sake of having the whol package together!

For my boyfriend I chose 3 mini shower gels (spicy plum, shea and coconut) because I wasn’t sure which scent he would love and coconut ended up being his favourite so I went on and purchased a full size coconut shower gel for him and I added a banana shampoo because ever since I purchased the banana shampoo for the first time, he has been using and loving it as well!

I purchased for the spicy plum body butter for my sister, the spicy plum bath bomb for my younger brother and the shea shower gel for my older brother.

The reasons and the end results:

My first intention was to get something with strawberries for my mum but when I went to the website, I started learning about their Christmas campaign which has ended by now but the following text is still up on their website:

With your purchases and support, The Body Shop US has donated $1 for every holiday gift sold* to Plan International USA to help girls dream big. The gift will empower 1,200 youth through national leadership and advocacy programs to transform gender norms by creating new narratives about girls focused on power, intelligence and capability.

Apart from that, I have been suffering from a very sensitive skin and hair so it’s been a real struggle to find skin and haircare items that will not only not cause rash all over my body but will actually cause some improvement.

So I have had dandruffs in the past 1 year and it was itching all the time. This disappeared after using the banana mask, shampoo and conditioner only once! And these items are not even specifically to treat dandruff!

My boyfriend has been also suffering from psoriasis which completely gone now! I was always very skeptical when it came to believing in magic dreams and treatments and I would probably still not believed it to be true if I hadn’t experienced it myself.

My Body Shop Gifts For Myself

So after all the Christmas shopping I ended up having some Body Shop Club points left and thought to try out their makeup:

I have been wanting to try out cream products for the face – bronzer, blush and highlighter – but never dared to do so! It arrived in the mail today so I will update you later about my thoughts on these products!

And finally I purcahsed their strawberry lip balm and a peach lip stick, too!

So as you can tell, the obsession is real and deep 🙂 If you read some of my previous blog posts, you know that my well being is quite centered around nice smelling things and for me, Body Shop items are it!

Have you ever tried? Do you love their products? Let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely weekend-before-Christmas,


2 thoughts on “Why I bought so much staff from Body Shop lately”

    1. The almond milk one? Oooh, I got a large package from my boyfriend’s grandma for last Christmas and I loved it very much! I haven’t tried the Hemp foot cream, however I have tried the Hemp lip balm and it is actually the only good one for my dried lips ever! 🙂

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