In my country it is a cultural crime to put up your Christmas tree before the 24th

In the beginning of this year I have been posting here English and Hungarian versions of each blog I wrote because I have some followers that don’t speak English, only Hungarian.

However, the more I realized how judgmental my own people are, I decided to skip the Hungarian translations.

So here is what happened:

Yesterday, I saw a lovely post on Facebook of a Hungarian fashion channel that I love and have been following for a long time.

The photo was a beautiful Christmas tree with the text: Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

And oh my goodness, the outroar that this post caused!

This is a screenshot I just made and you can see that there are some angry faces included but the comments section is where it got really ugly.

I know, I know, I am a very sensitive person but I just don’t understand why does it make some people so angry that other people think or feel or act differently????

So some people were commenting how sad it is to put up your Christmas tree before the 24th of December. Other people were joking that ‘Yeah, and I already painted my Easter eggs,too!’

Of course, I couldn’t let it go without my own commentary: “Yes, I put it up already for some practical reasons as well: I will work even on the 23rd so I will spend the 24th morning with baking and in the afternoon we will go and visit my family so the next time I will have time to do it will be on the 25th morning. But I also believe that the month before Christmas is a feast on its own, getting ready and buying and making gifts for my loved ones so I love to get in the mood. 🙂

…and right after me came this comment:

“Christmas Eve is on the 24th!!! That’s the time to do it. It is so sad that people don’t take this into consideration any more. Even more so, there are some people who already exchanged gifts. I don’t understand it and it makes me sad.”

Well, lady, I am very sorry that the diversity of human beings and the traditions they decide to follow makes you sad. And yes, I have put my tree up a week ago and yes, I already exchanged gifts with my mum, who lives in the other side of the world and my coworkers who I don’t get to see for a couple of weeks. I even gave a pre-Christmas gift to my boyfriend and to my guinea pig and I feel good about it!

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