Yoga Illustration by Chloe Lights
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A bad experience from 2019

In 2019 autumn I gathered all my inner strength and posted a few of my illustrations in a Facebook group, asking whether the people in that particular illustration group thought I was good enough to be an illustrator or if there are any areas where I need to develop, their thoughts are very much appreciated.… Continue reading A bad experience from 2019

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2019 in Review

Artistically I had the best year last year. I created loads of illustrations and towards the end of the year I finally started taking (baby) steps to become a published illustrator! I developed my first two characters: a girl and a boy with no facial expressions because I wanted to have images where the audience… Continue reading 2019 in Review

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Switching To Watercolor

So the year began pretty hectic for me so I thought to myself "Ok, I will try to do my best in achieving my dreams this year but I won't pressure myself too hard because I like the way things are". And by that I meant that I have my plans: I need to get… Continue reading Switching To Watercolor

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An escape to daydreaming

Daydreaming In my journey of becoming a published illustrator the first three characters I designed were my boyfriend, my guinea pig and myself. This daydreaming piece is the lady character. Even though I designed the character to be an illustration inspired myself, her activities are very unlike me. For example, on this piece she is… Continue reading An escape to daydreaming

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My Goals, Dreams and Hopes For 2020

I am actually not very good at planning ahead long term.... I know what I'm doing this month and I have some ideas for the next one but after that? Not really. So this year I got a Lifebook and I wrote down my 10 big goals for 2020! 1.Talk more about recycling and eco-friendly… Continue reading My Goals, Dreams and Hopes For 2020