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My Goals, Dreams and Hopes For 2020

I am actually not very good at planning ahead long term…. I know what I’m doing this month and I have some ideas for the next one but after that? Not really. So this year I got a Lifebook and I wrote down my 10 big goals for 2020!

1.Talk more about recycling and eco-friendly living


I always thought that I would like to refrain from being too opinionated because I would love my readers to have the freedom of thought but that will change in 2020! I would like to create illustrations about recycling, eco-friendly living and I would like ti talk and write about it as much as possible.

2019 has been the most devastating year in that sense – and I am determined to do everything in my power to speak up about it.

2. Publish a book with my illustrations

Love, an illustration by Chloé Lights

It is one of my current biggest dreams to have my illustrations published in a form of a picture book. At first I thought of a silent picture book (with no words in it) however, I do have some hopes of raising awarness of how important it is to be kind to others but it all starts with being kind to ourselves.

3. Read at least 1 book/month

Reading on a tree, a dot painted illustration by Chloe Lights

I wanted to set a realistic goal in regards to reading, I kniw that one book a months is actually nit that much but in recent years I have been so busy that I actually haven’t had the time even for that much!

4. Ride at least 500 km on my bicycle (in 2019 my sum was around 390 km)

Cycling, a dot painted illustration by Chloe Lights

I loooove riding my bicycle! I got it for my 30th birthday last year (in March) from my four siblings and I was actually crying from happiness when I got it! Right now it is just too cold for me to ride it so I cannot wait until the weather will be warm enough again!

5. Paint the walls of the house we live in

Happiness is only real when shared, a dot painted illustration by Chloe Lights

I am looking forward to this because I know that after I paint the walls it will feel like I am in a brand new house! Ever since high school I always painted my own room so I like to think ***or hope haha*** that I actually got good at it! We’ll see!

6. Collab with a charity

Daydreaming, a dot painted illustration by Chloé Lights

I, in fact, collab with a charity every year but I don’t usually talk about it because I don’t want to brag about it. This year I would like to illustrate fliers or posters for great causes and I don’t know how to find opportunities so I thought the first step shall be to finally start talking about it (please let me know in the comments if you have an idea of where I could find such causes).

Earlier I thought it is enough if I send in my illustrations to companies like Unicef, Greenpeace, the National Zoo but all of them have very kindly rejected me so I am thinking that there are probably a lot of illustrators who are happy to help for free and that actually makes me happy!

7. Finish commercial school and get a degree

Sleeping ladybird, a dot painted illustration by Chloé Lights

This is something that will necessarily take up some of my time so it is not an actual goal but I am always happy to educate myself!

8. Upload a video a week but at least one every two weeks

Being consistent is one of the most difficult things for me and I actually kind of already missed the first week but I am not going to be too harsh on myself if I don’t follow up with my hopes of uploading regularly to Youtube.

9. Perfect my skincare routine

Self-image, a dot painted illustration by Chloé Lights

I started to pay a lot of attention to my skincare in 2019 and my skin got a lot better. It’s not that I wasn’t caring about it before but I used whatever skincare I could find at the local store without much consideration of what the product is promising to do.

Last year I switched to The Body Shop products and I read a lot about what damages my skin and how I can fix it and prevent damaging again and my skin looked 1000x better than ever before!

10. Hold an exhibition from my paintings

Self-portrait, a dot painted illustration by Chloé Lights

I hold exhibitions every year but I missed it in 2019 because I actually sold so much more art works than I could remake that I didn’t have paintings to exhibit!

In 2020 I am hoping to hold an exhibition again to showcase my very different style now!

+1 I thought I should have goals for spending more time with friends & family, do more for our environment and live more healthily but these are aims that I actually do work on a daily basis without actually having to remind myself!

What are some of your big goals for the year?

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