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An escape to daydreaming

Daydreaming illustration by Chloe Lights

In my journey of becoming a published illustrator the first three characters I designed were my boyfriend, my guinea pig and myself.

This daydreaming piece is the lady character. Even though I designed the character to be an illustration inspired myself, her activities are very unlike me. For example, on this piece she is lying down on an armchair, daydreaming about life which I haven’t done in the past 14 years I think 😀 I am however, the constant daydreamer type of person. I think and I really hope so that I see and know reality but it’s just so much more fun living my life (apart from my daily responsibilities of course) in a world I created for myself! Can you related to that at all?

Daydreaming illustration by Chloe Lights
Dot painted illustration

I created this illustration last autumn and I painted the background a bright orange color with the intention of expressing that even though the girl is in a peaceful position, her mind is vivid!

This piece, together with others, is available in my Facebook shop as a postcard:

Chloe Nyiri Dot Painted Illustration Postcard
Daydreaming postcard

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