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Switching To Watercolor

So the year began pretty hectic for me so I thought to myself “Ok, I will try to do my best in achieving my dreams this year but I won’t pressure myself too hard because I like the way things are”.

And by that I meant that I have my plans: I need to get a commercial degree, I need to paint the walls of our home in the summertime and I am planning to publish my first book ever. A huge dream of mine would be to collaborate with a company who works for a great cause.

Yet, one day I woke up and – I can’t even remember where that thought came from – I started looking into watercolor paints. I watched unboxing and comparison videos for days and I finally decided to purchase a 24 set of White Nights watercolors by St. Petersburg.

St.Petersburg White Nights Watercolor 24 set
24 Colors of White Nights Watercolor

I used to paint with watercolors up until 12 years ago – when I stopped painting altogether due to a lack of self-confidence. Anyhow, the paints I used then were student quality, very cheap and very dull in colors. After watching comparison videos for days I knew that the industry, the paint quality and also watercolor trends have changed massively yet I was still shocked to see the pigmentation and coverage of my new medium!

Color Samples
Color Samples

And then came a day of ignoring all of my chores and responsibilities – except for cooking a meal for my boyfriend so that when he arrives home he wouldn’t starve to death caused by my renewed bond with aquarelle – and I played and painted for about 16 hours straight!

Geisha by Chloe Lights

This Geisha is the result of my first trial. The colors of her face are a bit too harsh for my taste and at the very end, when I started to erase the pencil lines from around her face, I smudged quite a bit of green paint accross her face and that is still a bit visible here. Other than that, I am very pleased with the end result!

Butterfly dot painted illustration by Chloe Lights

These pieces are not my own idea, I was inspired by Ana Enshina’s beautiful work, I met her artistry through our mutual passion for dotting!

Maple leaves by Chloe Lights
Maple leaves

These are the three pieces that I was able to squeeze into those 16 hours – a Geisha that took me roughly 8 hours, a butterfly and some maple leaves.

I am amazed by the quality and density of this watercolor paint set so I cannot wait to continue and experiment with it.

Here are my thoughts summed up in a video:

I would love to come out with my own published book on the subject of environmental crisis sometime around August/September. I very much hope so that I will learn to paint dots with watercolor by then!

Have a lovely week,


Ps.: please consider supporting me on Patreon and help me reach my goal of publishing my first book on zero waste living:

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