Yoga Illustration by Chloe Lights
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A bad experience from 2019

In 2019 autumn I gathered all my inner strength and posted a few of my illustrations in a Facebook group, asking whether the people in that particular illustration group thought I was good enough to be an illustrator or if there are any areas where I need to develop, their thoughts are very much appreciated.

I got a surprisingly great overall response – basically everyone loved my work and said that whether or not I like to admit but I am already an illustrator. I was blown away by the love and appreciation my art works received in that group! From that single post I got 3 job offers to illustrate children’s books!

Autumn feelings by Chloe Lights
Autumn feelings

Unfortunately my post was deleted by an admin since they didn’t allow that kind of questions in their group so I lost contact with 2 of my possible partners however, one wrote a private message as soon as she saw my art work.

She was very enthusiastic about dot paintings in general, she was a yoga teacher for children (very much admirable work) and she was in the process of writing and publishing her first book on the subject!

I got very enthusiastic about it, not only because this could have been the first time my art work got published but also because I have been doing yoga for many years now and even considered to become a teacher myself – but then I chose dot painted illustrations! 😀

Yoga Illustration by Chloe Lights
Yoga Illustration

So we immediately clicked and had a lot in common, she was from Poland but she has lived in England and my mum lives there, too so we even thought of a possible chance to meet up some day in the future.

So I wrote down all of the story and it became a really long, boring explanation of how things went the wrong way so I decided to share only some key points of why the collaboration of her writing and my illustrations didn’t happen. If you would like to hear the whole story, I talked about this experience in a video where I said all that has happened between us:

  1. She was a first time publisher and she didn’t know what she wanted, she spent days writing to me about basically not knowing anything about publishing a book while she expected me to figure out what could be best for her and already work on illustrations before even she knew what she wanted.
  2. She didn’t want to sign a contract.
  3. She wanted exclusivity not only on the pieces I made for her but also on me as an illustrator (she didn’t want me to work for anybody else in the UK).
  4. For that she was willing to pay me about €2/hour (that’s how much it came out at the end when she finally sat down to think about how many pages and what sizes she will need from me).
  5. She changed her mind all the time and then said that she didn’t mean it like that earlier.
  6. She asked for multiple skecthes before we agreed on anything.

So after one week of wasting my time and energy I finally have had enough when I realized that she would want to pay me about €2/hour for all of my services and then I wished her all the best in finding another illustrator and said to her that I was not the best candidate for her needs. She had a hard time accepting that but eventually she let go.

And I haven’t been looking for any other opportunities since then.

Why am I writing about this?

First of all I hope that if I get it all out of my chest, I will be able to gather my self-confidence once again and offer my illustration services. I also hope that if any authors, poets, bloggers or other sorts of writers read my article, they will get some ideas of how not to approach an illustrator. I think I should follow up with a “How to approach an illustrator” article and I think I will 🙂

And finally I hope to let my follow illustrators know that even though we would all love to get amazing opportunities and make the world a better place with our illustrations, there is a line that should not be crossed.

Yoga Illustration by Chloe Lights
Yoga Illustration

Please let me know in the comments section how would you have dealt with this situation? Do you think I should have accepted the offer?

Have a great day,


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