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Pricing My Art

So this has been a growing concern of mine mainly because I have had and also plan to hold exhibitions in the UK, I would also love to publish there (UK is convenient for me because my mum lives there) while actually I live and work in Hungary, where the minimum wage is almost 1/4 of the one in England.

However, even here in Hungary I get into some contradictions from time to time. My prices range from €2 – € 370 because I have always wanted to fulfill all of my followers’ desires so for example if someone really loves my art but don’t actually have a large budget, they can buy prints, mini prints and postcards from around €2 while those who can afford to by originals can choose from my higher priced paintings. Also, I now have 7 different types of earrings to fit everyone’s needs and 5 different types of necklaces, each comes in 12 shades.

Chloe Lights Hummingbird jewel collection
Hummingbird collection

What made me really realize that my items are very well priced indeed that I actually work in the gallery where I sell all of my art pieces. 2019 was so far my best year and there was a very surprising thing that happened to me a number of times repeatedly. I will tell you about one specific time when it happened because I was in such a state of shock that I remember every sentence exchanged by me and the client!

Fairy by Chloe Lights

So in 2019 on a summer afternoon a group of ladies from the US came into Intuita Shop. As soon as they walked in they got the sense that this is not your average souvenir shop, like most of travellers who come into our 2 tiny gallery – shops. One of them was really interested in my dot painted paintings and she immediately asked me to show her a couple of them (as you can imagine I became very excited) however, after I exchanged the price that was given in Hungarian Forints to US dollars, the lady started to shake her head and asked my why are these so expensive? She has some dot art at home and she is quite sure that she purchased them for around 30-40 dollars (instead of my prices which were about double).

So I pulled out my black box which has a lid on top and a whole on one side where you can look into the completely dark box. So I put my painting in the box and asked her to have a look inside. She was amazed that my paintings glow in the dark but she still tried to lower the price. Since I am only an employee here and also because it is against the law, I couldn’t lower the price. After I told her that, she didn’t hesitate even for a second, to my greatest surprise she pointed at 3 (!!!) of my paintings that she wished to purchase.

Glow-in-the-dark mandala by Chloe Lights
Glow-in-the-dark mandala

After that I had to raise my prices even further because my art got much more intricate and also because that lady took 3 paintings – and she was one person from the many customers I had – which took me about 2-3 weeks to restock!

I am ever so grateful for all my customers and these events make me realize that it is really worth putting my energy in becoming better at what I do!

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