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Some successful and some not so successful illustrations

So even though a few weeks ago I swore I would not paint with watercolor again until I figured out the best way to paint dots with this medium, after a week of painting with acrylics, I dipped my brush in aquarelle once again.

The reason why I decided to stop experimenting with this technique was that I painted two illustrations that even though other people loved, I wasn’t satisfied with.

Children's Book Illustration

This mermaid painting was one of the two. You can hardly recognize the shape of the mermaid, the dark green and the blues are so similar to the eyes both in depth and in size that it is not or barely recognizable immediately what is in the water.

That was my smallest issue with it.

Couple illustration

This couple painting is the other piece that I did not like. Some artists like to only show their most beautiful pieces – well, not me, I think and hope that if I show the world my failures, I hope that they will know that I come from a place where not all of my pieces are beautiful, I have good and bad days, artistically as well as personally.

So as I mentioned, I stopped working with watercolors and went back to acrylics which is my safe place at the moment. I have been dot painting with acrylics for nearly 5 years almost every day.

After a week I realized that I feel so much more excited and alive when I paint with watercolors, there is so much to explore that I can’t give up simply because I had two paintings in a row that I did not like.

So I went back and created my first tiger:

Chloe Lights Tiger Illustration

This tiger was inspired by a very talented artist called Ana Enshina. Her animals are very flowy and look like they are in the move.

Deer illustration by Chloe Lights

And then I decided to paint this deer that I absolutely love and have framed already!

This happened sometime last week and since then I painted a water lily which I do not have a photo yet and I am planning to paint an air balloon next! I got so much inspiration for this year!

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