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When do you feel most alive?

This is such a difficult question but I found it so easy to answer: I feel most alive when I paint dots!

I actually am the most excited when I hope that my work in progress will turn out as beautifully as I had hoped before, I hold my breath while I paint the dots so that the movement of my chest will not alter the placement or the shape of my dot!

Unfortunately, I cannot show you my most recent pieces yet, but I think I made some major progress with watercolors (if you read my previous posts, you know I have been struggling) and at the moment I am working on an acrylic piece and I dare say that this is my first piece (since 2015!) that I think is coming out more beautifully than I had planned in my head! A huge part of that is thanks to the watercolors, I’m sure that the changes I had to make in painting dots with a different medium had some beautiful effects on my acrylics,too!

Water Lily Watercolor Illustration by Chloe Lights
Water Lily

I don’t live in the real world and I am pretty proud of it, too! I love the world that I created for myself and other then my daily responsibilities of adult life, such as work, I spend every moment daydreaming.

E.g. some weeks ago, I imagined what would our house look like if we lived in a teapot.

Teapot house, dot painted illustration by Chloe Lights
Teapot house

In my very first sketch, I only drew a kitchen downstairs and then I realized I need a bathroom as well. I also wanted to paint Magnus, our guinea pig somewhere because he is the cutest but he would be too tiny in this illustration! This acrylic painting, like most, glows in the dark:

Glow-in-the-dark teapot house illustration by Chloe Lights
Teapot House – Glow-in-the-dark

The water lily watercolor and the teapot house painted with acrylics are two of my most recent illustrations that aren’t commissioned so I am allowed to show you! I think in these 2 paintings, the changes my style went through are already very prominent but please, stay tuned because there’s more to come!

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