Airplane on tree illustration by Chloe Lights
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New collab: There Once Was A Limerick

I had a chance to collab with the wonderfully talented limerick writer Shejal, please check out her Instagram: Here is her fun limerick, matched with my illustration: There once was an airplane so roundNot aerodynamically soundIt hovered like beesOn flowerless treesA dozen feet over the ground! Aeroplane on tree illustration

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Dot Paint A Mandala With Me Using School Tools Only | Tutorial

2020 is a tough year on humanity and we haven't even reached 1/4 of the year! I fully support the concept of staying at home and even though I am more busy than I have been in a long time, I know that isn't true for a lot of people. I would like to help… Continue reading Dot Paint A Mandala With Me Using School Tools Only | Tutorial

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Painting Tillith’s Saturn

I fell in love with watercolor towards the end of 2019 and I obsessively searched Youtube for inspirations and for styles that I love. This is how I found Tillith who uploaded timelapse watercolor painting processes but unfortunately, by the time I found her channel, she hadn't been uploading for a year. My version of… Continue reading Painting Tillith’s Saturn

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Anniversary of my first solo exhibition

4 years ago today I held my very first solo exhibition! I still feel the mixed feelings of being super excited and super scared at the same time. Living the life as a shy person I was not ready to talk in front of a lot of people! I always felt like I'm not a… Continue reading Anniversary of my first solo exhibition