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Anniversary of my first solo exhibition

4 years ago today I held my very first solo exhibition!

I still feel the mixed feelings of being super excited and super scared at the same time. Living the life as a shy person I was not ready to talk in front of a lot of people!

I always felt like I’m not a words person so even if I have beautiful thoughts, I have a difficulty communicating them (thankfully that’s changing now)! So I intorduced myself and talked about how I want to bring light and happiness into other people’s lives (little did I know at the time just how successful I would become!)

My family always knew that I would one day become some sort of an artist. They supported me all the way ever since I was a child and ever though we grew up in poverty, we always had each other. On the photo above you can see me with my brother who has been super proud of me which makes me very happy and pretty emotional at the same time!

Here are some of my earlier works: these took me a very very long time! I was still learning about dotting (as I am still learning today) and I was pretty slow at painting dots! Most of my works from the first year took me weeks to complete but this larger piece – The sunset over the sea – took me 2 months to complete and I was dotting day and night (just to give a comparison a painting of this size would take me around 3-4 days today)!

The exhibition was a great success and from here my career flew as an artist! I am forever thankful to my family and friends who came to that exhibition and supported me with kind words!

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