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Painting Tillith’s Saturn

I fell in love with watercolor towards the end of 2019 and I obsessively searched Youtube for inspirations and for styles that I love.

This is how I found Tillith who uploaded timelapse watercolor painting processes but unfortunately, by the time I found her channel, she hadn’t been uploading for a year.

Chloe Lights Illustration
My version of Tillith’s Saturn

So I thought I would try myself out and I got inspired by one her paintings, called Saturn.

Tillith’s IG :

Tillith’s Youtube Channel :

I painted this because I miss her so much and hope that she will decided to upload some more! She is still active on Instagram so I guess probably she doesn’t have time to upload (which is totally understandable given the immense amount of talent she has shown)!

And here is a video I made while still working on this piece:

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