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Dot Paint A Mandala With Me Using School Tools Only | Tutorial

2020 is a tough year on humanity and we haven’t even reached 1/4 of the year!

I fully support the concept of staying at home and even though I am more busy than I have been in a long time, I know that isn’t true for a lot of people. I would like to help the best way I can so I made a video series of how to dot paint with school tools. This is the first part:

In this first part I draw some guide lines to help me create more or less the same size of dots and I also show you how to get started with it.

The second part is about creating details that will make our piece very intereting and exciting! In the beginning I repeat the same motions from the previous video so that hopefully by now you will get used to the task of painting dots after dots!

In the final part of the video series I show you the dot within the dot technique. I also had some catching up to do as in the first 2 parts I only did a section of the whole circle. And as I promise it in the video, here is my final, finished piece:

Dot Painted Mandala by Chloé Lights
Dot Painted Mandala

As a sign of positivity, I wrote “hope” in the middle section of my mandala. I hope that we can all get through coronavirus. I hope that it will be soon over. I hope we will find medicine very soon! I hope that soon I can go back to my workplace, supporting local artists and welcoming tourists in my country! 💕

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