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10 day challenge | How to love yourself | Day 1

It was 14 years ago that I first heard of the power of positivity, the law of attraction and their relatives. After reading 4-5 books on the subject in 1 month, my first thought was: oh I would love to write a book one day on this subject!


14 years later I am confident enough in my knowledge to share it with you however, I am not a psychologist or therapist nor do I ever claim to be one. I am a person who has been studying positive thinking for 14 years and I’m here to share my own experience with you!

The reason why I chose the subject “how to love yourself” is because I believe that we are all more willing to love and care for others than ourselves yet it is impossible to always give to others on the long run while we don’t give to ourselves.

Day 1

On the very first day of our journey together you have a very simple task to do: commit to this 10 day challenge. Promise yourself that you will love yourself.

Over the next 10 days we will take baby steps to heal. If you think that you already love yourself and don’t need any healing, you still may find some useful tips that you haven’t thought about!

Please also promise that you won’t push/force anything that doesn’t come naturally. 14 years ago, I read the book Secret by Rhonda Byrne and I fell in love with it and made a commitment to do as she says but sometimes bad things happened and I didn’t feel blessed. I didn’t feel grateful, yet I forced myself into it because in the book I read that my life will turn into a miracle if I follow the steps.

No, unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. Bad things happen, grief has its place and time. The biggest lesson is that we shouldn’t feel unloved or depressed, shouldn’t be let down when there is no reason for it.

So I’m not going to ask you to start every single day to count your blessings or take on habits that will make you more successful or effective. That will come to you naturally.

Today, I’m asking you to promise yourself to love yourself.


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