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10 day challenge | Love Yourself | Day 2

If you have not read it yet, here is a link to day one:

Make a list of things that make you feel good

No, I’m not going to ask you to force any feelings that are not there yet! As I said yesterday, I don’t believe in “fake it ’til you make it” but I do believe that since we are human beings, we naturally have negative emotions, prejudices, opinions and it is a habit that needs to be changed.

So if you read any books or watched any videos on positive thinking, you are probably familiar with writing lists of for example things that you are grateful for, etc.

Today I would like to challenge you to really be honest with yourself and think about things that make you feel good.

What does it mean?

Eating a giant bag of salt & vinegar crisps in one go is something that you might crave momentarily but I’m pretty sure that later on you will have an upset stomach or if not, you will regret it and watch yourself in the mirror for days checking whether you have gained weight because of it.

Watching series like Grey’s Anatomy might switch you off after a hard day at work (I’m talking from experience) but there are loads of drama in every single episode which will leave you sad and upset.

Listening to music that will remind you of your ex is again, something that you might think you need at the moment but it will not bring you satisfaction or happiness and will definitely not make you love yourself.

I need you to be honest and think outside of the box: what brings you the greatest joy on the long term?



Who is your faveourite person? Who is the one that is least judgemental? Are there more than one of them? Great! List them all!

For example, my grandmother is someone I’m very close to and I also have my best friend who is judgemental in some areas but I learnt to handle her constructive critisism well and then, my boyfriend is the best. I also managed to build great relationships with my 4 siblings!

People around you


What is the kind of music that tells most about you? What are the songs that resonates with your heart? Which style is the one the you could listen to forever and still feel great about it? If your answer is: I don’t like music at all, feel free to skip this part!

Movies/Series/YT channel

This is a tough point for me because I love educational and/or funny movies, series or Youtube videos so while I totally understand that some of you need a weekly dose of horror, it is as far from my interest as one can be! My advice here is please remove any sad, heartbreaking films from your list!


The key here is long term thinking. And I definitely don’t talk about appearances. If you have a goal, that’s fantastic, I support you but that is all about you. You shouldn’t feel pressure from the outside world to lose/gain weight and you shouldn’t pressure others to do so. Here we are only talking about how you feel afterwards eating physically, mentally and emotionally. Please bear in mind that noone else will see this list and noone expects you to write a bunch of super healthy, sugar and gluten free food.


Not eating any vitamins and eating vitamins are equally wrong. Not doing any exercises and doing too much is also equally wrong. Find what suits your needs and your daily routine and stick to it. If your job requires your physical skills 8 hours a day then you might want to skip this part. Otherwise, there is no excuse, find something, anything that involves movement and you are happy to do it for an hour or two!

I remember when I was 19 I thought I didn’t like any kinds of exercises. I lived on the seaside and my neighbour asked me one day to go for a fast walk with her. It was amazing! We talked about our days, about life and after that we went fast walking every day after work and I lost a lot of weight over the next few months!



If you don’t have kids, you might still have some free time on your hands and do something that actually make you feel good! If you do have kids and think you don’t have any free time any more, let me tell you that I used to work in a children’s playhouse where I saw 2 types of parents: one who were angry that they couldn’t just drop off the kids and actually had to be inside while their kids were playing so they just sat down at the bufet playing on the mobiles or trying to nap in the noise and the 2nd type were those who actually played with their kids, went on the trambuline, slid down on the giant giraffe, played ping-pong in rotation with other parents and kids. So my message to you is that you might have just found the daily exercise that I mentioned above!

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