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10 Day Challenge | How To Love Yourself | Day 3

If you have not read it yet, here is a link to day one: https://chloedotillism.wordpress.com/2020/05/12/30-day-challenge-how-to-love-yourself-day-1/ and to day 2: https://chloedotillism.wordpress.com/2020/05/13/30-day-challenge-love-yourself-day-2/

The lost and found department

When you were a child, there were certain expectations, things that you had to do, e. g. dress up on your own, go to school, do your homework, help a bit around the house but other than that, you were quite free to spend time doing things that you love.


Now that time might be lost and you have to find it again. I started with my morning coffee: after I made coffee for myself and my boyfriend I had about 2 minutes while I could drink my coffee quietly, looking out the window. I still start my day like that today 🙂

Find something, anything, even for 5 minutes that will make you feel blessed and happy about your day and try to be conscious about it!

Morning routine and alone time is really important for me so I wake up half an hour before my boyfriend and spend that half an hour doing my make up and I love every minute of it.

You might realize that you do a lot for your wellbeing

One thing I know is that when I work on auto-pilot mode I don’t even realize how much I am actually doing just for myself.

Now that’s a bit more difficult when you are a parent because you might feel like you do absolutely nothing to love yourself. So start with a coffee. Start by calling a person from the list you made yesterday, who makes you feel worthy and talk to them.

To give you an example here is a list of things I did for myself today(please bear in mind that it is the 14th of May and I am still in quarantine:

– I had a 2 minute coffee break in the morning

-I did my “shopping make-up”

-I did 1 hour yoga

-I did 100 squats

-I watched a movie with my boyfriend

-I texted with 2 of my friends, with my mum and with my brother

-while cooking lunch (which is also my hobbie and I would definitely count it as something I love doing bit it is also a chore) I did a huge, crazy dance party and it all started by me putting the song Abducted by Cults on repeat accidentally

-I watched my favourite illustrators and artists Youtube videos

-I scrolled through Facebook and IG

There are loads more like “I helped an elderly lady and brought her bags home for her” and “I illustrated a fairy for about 8 hours today” but you would call those cheating because they are not all for myself.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below: can you think of anything you did for yourself today? Do you love yourself more because of it? Were you aware at the time that what you were doing was only for yourself?

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