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10 Day Challenge | How To Love Yourself | Day 4

Mirror exercise

It took me months to not to feel awkward by this exercise so if you have low self-esteem, or you think at the moment that you don’t love anything about your appearance, please give this exercise time and it will come to you, I promise!

Stand in front of the mirror or hold a mirror in your hand (for beginners I recommend a mirror that is large enough so that you only see your face in it, later on you may extend it to a full size mirror) and have a good look at yourself.

At first thoughts like “oh, I hate my double chin, my small eyes, my large pores (these were some of my initial thoughts aboit myself) creep in but remember, you are here to train your brain to love yourself! And you might think that loving yourself is a feeling so you should be training your heart but what happens is, no matter how much you wish for something to happen with your whole heart, it’s not going to happen until you train your train to shut the hell up!

So have a good look at yourself in the mirror and after your first negative wave of thoughts quieted down, linger at certain parts of your face/body to check what actually you do love about yourself.

Do you have a cute smile? Is your face symmetrical? Do you love your eyebrows? Your eyeshape? Your forehead, ears, hairline, hair style?

What about your cheekbones or your nose? If the answer is “no I don’t love any of those”, just keep going until you find something!

For a very long time, this exercise was a pain in the butt for me but today, I don’t even need to sit down in front of the mirror, it comes naturally, if I think of my face, I immediately start smiling and feel love for my facial features. And whenever I do stand in front of the mirror, I feel just the same love, like looking and a good friend or family member.

Let me know if you have tried this exercise and how you felt about it!

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