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10 Day Challenge | Day 5 | The Law of Attraction

I moved to Ireland when I was 18 and that’s where I started to learn about positive thinking.

I moved back home to Hungary when I was 22 and I had very long conversations with my childhood friends of what I learnt and how it changed me. At the time I already spent 4 years studying mindset, the power of gratitude, law of attraction and things like that.

I had one especially skeptical friend who told me she can’t understand why wishing for something and visualizing good things for herself would any good things become her reality.

I had to agree with her. The book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne might help people who already tend to have and optimistic personality and naturally look for good things in their lives, however, not everyone is like that. In fact, I think many people expect the worst to happen so when it really does happen, they are prepared for it and won’t be disappointed.

So here’s how I explained the situation for her: this is not magic, it is not something you have to believe in and it will show, this is pure science. Now, I am not a scientist so I can’t explain to you that part but what I know is this: it doesn’t matter if I’m a good person or a bad person, good and bad things will happen to me. How I react to the events around me, what my expectations are for the day will determine the rest of my life, too. If I wake up in the morning and I accidentally spill coffee on my shirt, have a bad hair day, and I’m already getting frustrated, even if I don’t want it, this will show on my face. People will act totally differently if I’m relaxed and happy or if I’m frustrated and I don’t have to even talk to them!

By the time I will get to work I will be angry and will probably think that the whole universe including every person in it hates me and judges me and I will not want to talk to anyone and I will also hate myself for being nasty towards others.

On the other hand, if coffee spills on me in the morning, I miss the train and have a bad hair day but I will just decide to go with the flow and not make much of a deal from it, I can continue to have a lovely day, making plans for the rest of the day and talking to people that I love or being kind to strangers or animals or anyone! Can you see how much of a difference is there when you only change your attitude and nothing else?

Now my skeptical friend was speechless. After processing all that I said she answered that this she can accept and agree with!

What do you think? Have you ever experienced that by changing your attitude or expectation, the outcome of your day was different? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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