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10 Day Challenge | Day 6 |Do you ever think you’re being thought about?

Do you ever think you’re being thought about?

This question was heartbreaking for me some years ago and at the time, I had no idea why.

If you have a moment, please sit down and think, really imagine the faces of the people you have or had good relationships with. Imagine how they would smile when someone talks about you. And no, please don’t hope or imagine your ex-lovers here. 🙂 I’m talking about your friends and your family.

Let me mention it here that you might not think you have a good relationship with your parents but in most cases, that doesn’t mean anything. You can’t choose your family but you love them anyhow! If you feel like it is more complicated than that, then skip them, you can always return later, when you have grown your self love muscle strong enough to deal with it.

As a young adult, I many times acted impulsively and irresponsibly because I only thought of myself and my emotional suffering, I never thought about the people or how sad they would be by soke of my actions. For example I stayed in an emotionally abusive relationship for a little longer than a year and in that time period I punished myself constantly for not being a better person.

Had I thought about all of the people who cared and loved me, I would have probably left that guy on the very first day we met!

As I mentioned it a couple of times before, I don’t want you to force feelings that are not there and please don’t say that noone loves you. That is and will never be true!

Friendship illustration by Chloe Lights

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