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10 Day Challenge | Day 8 | The life changing view about meditation

Meditation is such a widely accepted method for improving mental and emotional health that I am sure you have heard tons of it!

Ever since I was 16, I attended countless meditation practices of differents kinds: breathing meditation, sound meditation, guided meditation, mandala painting meditation, dancing meditation, nature meditation, yoga meditation, walking meditation, etc. It took me many years to be truly honest with myself and admit that none of these worked for me. I either fell asleep because I was tired, or my thoughts continued to jump from one topic to the next and no matter how hard I tried, my mind could never seemed to be quiet.

I got into a conversation about it with a friend of mine and told her about my experiences and that I have actually stopped trying to meditate years ago because I believed that it is not for me. I just simply cannot think of nothing. My brain needs to work at all times.

So here’s what she told me that changed everything for me from then on: you don’t need to try to calm your mind. You just need to be aware of your thoughts and learn to let them go instead of holding on to, or overanalyzing them. And you need to address your feelings about these thoughts. That’s all you have to do, the rest is not your job.

This was the first time ever that I realized that forcing myself into anything will never work.

Forcing feelings, thoughts, lack of thoughts, belief, gratitude, or anything that all those self-help books require you to do in order to be successful will not work.

After this realization, it didn’t matter which type of meditation I chose, it always worked. I had my thoughts and I watched them come and go. I could stay still for hours and just build my inner relationship with myself.

Sitting watercolor fairy illustration by Chloe Lights
Sitting fairy

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