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10 day challenge| How to love yourself | Day 9

Pay attention to your feelings

On a daily basis, most people don’t really care about their own feelings. I bet if someone asked you how do you feel about yourself, generally, you wouldn’t be able to answer right away. Because even though you spend most of your time in your life with yourself, you don’t really pay attention to how you are feeling. If you do, or when you do, many times is because you are about to step out od your comfort zone and your mind is right there to stop you by talking yourself down!

Like when you wanted to apply for your dream job and your mind immediately starting talking you down about how you will never get it or when you wanted to talk to a person you admired but your mind kept saying how insignificant you are. What I would like you to realize that this is a bad habit that will accompany you for the rest of your life unless you work on it on a daily basis.

Remember the mirror exercise? We are going to do something very similar today.

Think about yourself for a minute. Think about the schools you have been to, the people you have met, the jobs you have done and I need you to think of yourself as a third person. If it’s not you who have done all these things but someone else, your closest friend for instance.

Start saying positive, encouraging words about your life like you would to your close friends: “I know you say you never finished university but look all the things you have achieved and you never gave up!” “Yes, you have been loving the wrong people but you have learnt from all of those and you are a beautiful and strong person because of it.”

So please, take the time to review and upgrade your thoughts about yourself. Tomorrow is our final day and will be the most difficult task of all 10 days, so it is necessary to be preapared and do this exercise before you read and do day 10!

Think about yourself in a positive, uplifting way

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