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10 day challenge | How To Love Yourself | Day 10

Today is the most difficult task of them all: you need to practice forgiving yourself for your mistakes.

You might think you have never made one or that you did but you never think about it any more but you can’t fully accept and love yourself without acknowledging and understanding, eventually accepting the fact that there were times in your life when you either let others or yourself down.

To be honest, after more than 10 years of practicing I still can’t say I’m very good at this because when I finally let go of some major issue, there are new ones creeping in.

Just to give you a minor example, I used to be so jealous of other artists’ successes that I would think time and time again for days that I should give up, stop making art and just live my life without ever looking back.

And then this horrible feeling and my bad thoughts would pass and I always realize that I am creating art because I love doing it and I might never be successful at it but at least I’m happy and excited with my progress.

And then what usually happens is the other end of the spectrum where people tell me how jealous they are because I am such a good and talented artist like they will never become. And that makes me feel like I should inspired other people through my art instead of bringing them further down.

So this is an ongoing battle for many people, for some, it is small things for others it is more complicated issues but the truth is blaming ourselves has never led to any solutions.

Try to forgive yourself for 1 thing each day or if it is too much, you can do it every second day, too.

And remember, no pressure on you. If you feel like, there are huge issues in your life that you can’t even think of right now, come back to it later, when you are ready for it.

Dot painted fairy by Chloe Lights

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