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Coloring Pages | Part 1

As a gift to the universe I released my first ever coloring book – The garden of my dots – for free! You don’t have to subscribe to my site or my mails, you can download it straight from here:

In this blog I will cover the back story for some of my coloring pages and you will also find downloadable links to separate pages of the book ( in case you only have 1 or 2 pages you would love)!

Please be mindful as I own these art pieces. All rights reserved for each and every single part of these pages. Thank you for understanding!

Dotty spring friend coloring page by Chloe Lights
Dotty spring friend coloring page by Chloe Lights

Link to the downloadable:

I created this coloring page after the quarantine has started in 2020 and I was thinking of my very best friend, Szilvi who also happens to be my former boss at the gallery I used to work at. I remembered all the happy times and was hoping soon everything will go back to normal.

I often tell people that for me art is not so much about the expression of suffering but more about how I can channel negative emotions and turn them into something positive. So from this experience, losing my job and my day-to-day contact with my best friend due to the effects of the spread of covid-19, I created this rainbow-happiness coloring page.

Quarantine coloring page by Chloe Lights
Quarantine coloring page

Link to the freebie:

This coloring page is an ideal day off that I had at the time of quarantine. I wanted to keep a memory of how I spent my days with my then-boyfriend, our guinea pig, Magnus and our plants.

Wash your hands coloring page by Chloe Lights
Wash your hands coloring page by Chloe Lights

Link to this coloring page:

And then there’s this one. I am not sure I ended up adding it to the book but ever since January 2020 all through the summer washing hands properly was a main topic and I really wanted to add my part by creating a fun coloring page that would remind children (and adults) in a kind way to wash hands properly.

These are the first 3 coloring pages that I am resharing with you, I hope you love them!

Stay tuned for more!

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