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Pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy watercolor illustration The first year of the pandemic (2020) has been a real nightmare, a horror movie for me. The gallery where I delightfully worked for the past 6 years had to close and so I didn't only lose my job from one day to the next, I felt like I lost everything. During… Continue reading Pregnancy announcement

Glow in the dark double mandala by Chloe Lights
about me, Illustrations, paintings, stories

How My Art Glows In The Dark

Glow-in-the-dark mandala I looove glow-in-the-dark art but it was not my own idea to create such art. I only ever wanted to paint dots (and have been doing it for 6 and a half years)! My boss at the time (best friend now) has said it a couple of times how good it would be… Continue reading How My Art Glows In The Dark