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Pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy watercolor illustration by Chloe Lights
Pregnancy watercolor illustration

The first year of the pandemic (2020) has been a real nightmare, a horror movie for me. The gallery where I delightfully worked for the past 6 years had to close and so I didn’t only lose my job from one day to the next, I felt like I lost everything.

During Christmas time I have been getting loads of sales from online orders but in the summer time, my main income came from selling tons of originals and jewels in the gallery. That was all gone and I soon started working at a grocery store instead, slowly forgetting about painting dots and calling myself an artist.

Watercolor pregnancy painting by Chloe Lights
Watercolor pregnancy painting

I was slowly drowning in depression and of course and that put its stamp on my relationship which ended in September. In november, I got covid and could hardly get up from bed and moved to a condominium which turned out to be a home of about 30-40 mice that moved in each year during winter time. They ruined all of my belongings, they nested into my clothes, they ate all my books, documents and even some of my paintings. Apart from a bag of clothes, I lost everything there.

It was a real miracle to meet my boyfriend, and have a first date right after Christmas! From then on I slowly collected myself, moved to the capital of Hungary andd even though it was cruel in the beginning ( I had to get up at 2 am to go to work), it was a beautiful restart and my life have slowly turned for the better.

I even started painting and selling my art work again!

Watercolor pregnancy painting by Chloe Lights
Watercolor pregnancy painting

In the summer we went to lake Balaton and enjoyed a full week there! It was already amazing and little did I know at the time that I already had a little baby in me. The biggest miracle of my life! Since then 4 months have passed and apart from the terrible “side effects” of being pregnant, I have been walking on clouds from happiness!

I hope that whatever dreams you have, my story will encourage you to not to give up!

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