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Dot Painted Watercolor Mandala Speed Painting

I painted this piece in honour of a friend who passed away during the holidays.

She was a person I’ve known since I was about 12. She taught me that there are so-so many things that can be interesting enough to take my mind off my problems. We had long converstions about art, nature, cooking, dances, minerals, colors, animals, basically anything and everything that we found interesting.

She taught me how to make real elder flower syrup from picking the elders from the fields next to forest to making the syrup.

She helped me not lose my way into adulthood and she was actually the first person who told me she thinks I will become an artist when I grow up. I’ll never forget that moment: I was about 16 years old, I was very surprised and also thought to myself, howbig she thinks of me, she must really love me. So when I grew up we became friends (she was our family helper social worker) and now I’m 32 and she was super excited about my pregnancy and I imagined pushing up my buggy to her hill in the summer time many times. But then I lost her and as much as it hurts me, I am sure that she is in a beautiful place now because she was pure goodness in her life.

She loved mandalas and that’s what inspired me to paint one.

Here is the final result:

Dot Painted Watercolor Mandala in Art Nouveau style by Chloe Lights
Art Nouveau Mandala

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