Dot painted Nine Men's Morris by Chloe Lights
Illustrations, paintings

Dotty Handpainted Nine Men’s Morris

Dot painted Nine Men's Morris by Chloe Lights
Dot painted Nine Men’s Morris

I’ve been searching for handmade or handpainted board games for a while and it came to my mind that I used to play Nine Men’s Morris a lot when I was a child, yet I’ve never seen one that was detailed or at least printed so I painted one!

We used to draw the outline of the game free-handedly with a pen on a piece of paper and that usually didn’t last so next time we wanted to play, we had to draw it again.

The other thing that was most exciting to me about this project was that I got to try gouache paint and I immediately fell in love with it! I love its strong, vibrant, yet harmonious colors, I love that fact that it is earth-friendly and I love how easily I can mix it!

Here is the video of the work in progress, however, I started recording mid-way:

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