Coloring Books

Happy Fairy Watercolor Illustration by Chloe Lights

I am so happy to share my free downloadable Coloring book with you all

I have been so-so grateful for my art journey, for finding the courage and the confidence to create art, to better define who I am and who I want to be and for my passion for dots. I always think of ways to give back to the universe something in return and for my 6th anniversary of dotting which will be on the 7th of June, 2021, I decided to release my very first downloadable coloring book completely for free!

The Garden Of My Dots

To download the book, please click on the image above or open this link:

You can print the book in colored version, in this case you will get my suggestions on which colors to use or if you would like to use your own ideas and colors, you can print the coloring book in black and white!

Flip through the book before you download it:

Please let me know if you download it in the comments section and share your results with me! I would love to hear from you! Use #thegardenofmydots to show your artwork on Social Media!

You can also download some of my coloring pages separately:

“Some days

I am the flower.

Some days

I am the rain.”


Let’s make something beautiful together.