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My most exciting project so far

I have hardly ever bragged about my accomplishments mostly because I'm shy by nature and also because I measure success in a way that if I create something (whether it's a painting, jewelry, book, or even a cup of coffee), it can only be successful if I'm so in love with it that I would… Continue reading My most exciting project so far

Dot painted Nine Men's Morris by Chloe Lights
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Dotty Handpainted Nine Men’s Morris

Dot painted Nine Men's Morris I've been searching for handmade or handpainted board games for a while and it came to my mind that I used to play Nine Men's Morris a lot when I was a child, yet I've never seen one that was detailed or at least printed so I painted one! We… Continue reading Dotty Handpainted Nine Men’s Morris

watercolor pregnancy illustration by Chloe Lights
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Pregnancy Illustration I painted this piece at my 29th week of being pregnant and I couldn't be happier with it. It expresses how I feel carrying a baby and even though it is not anatomically accurate, I think a lot of mums-to-be can relate to the feeling of having very tiny lungs or a huge, strong… Continue reading Pregnancy Illustration

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Dot Painted Watercolor Mandala Speed Painting I painted this piece in honour of a friend who passed away during the holidays. She was a person I've known since I was about 12. She taught me that there are so-so many things that can be interesting enough to take my mind off my problems. We had long converstions about art, nature,… Continue reading Dot Painted Watercolor Mandala Speed Painting