Pregnancy Illustration

Dot Painted Pregnancy illustration by Chloe Lights
Pregnancy Illustration

Nurturing and taking care of my baby starts so much before she is born 🤍

Just like so many people on this earth, I have a strong opinion on so many areas of parenthood that I wish to follow but will later realize that it’s impossible! 😄

My biggest wish on the long term is really just to make her fall in love with nature 🌻

I cannot wait to meet her ( any day now) 💫

The original of this piece is not for sale, however, you can buy clothes, home accessories or bags made from this print:

Together We Stand With Ukraine

The Ukrainian war has been going on for almost 4 weeks already and while it is horrible to watch any news about it, my heart melts at the overwhelming amount of help of the civilian people in my country.

They all have their own problems, work, private life, they still have the time to help those who are in terrible need right now.

Together, we stand for Ukraine 💙💛

Together we stand Ukraine Gouache Illustration by Chloe Lights
Together we stand Ukraine

As for the daily amount of terrible news, it breaks my heart to know that mums, grandmoms, infants, babies had to die alongside with many-many families being torn forever. It gets to me especially because I am about to deliver a new life into the world.

So I really felt the need to express my heartbreak through art. While I swore to never-ever create bloody, depressed, or any sort of art that creates sadness in its viewer, I had to paint something in the subjects. That’s why I chose to paint the Ukrainian flag with many people of different colors.

I hope you appreciate my art.

Wire Fairies Gouache Illustration

Fairies on Dandelions Gouache Paintings in Dotillism Style by Chloe Nyiri
Fairies on Dandelions

I am mesmerized by the beautiful wire art created by Robin Wight. He creates beautiful, airy, perfectly shaped fairies from wire that dance in the sunlight, on top of flowers or play with nature’s forces. You can find, be mesmerized by, and even purchase his beautiful work:

So as I continued to experiment with gouache, I became very much inspired by Robin’s work and I wanted to paint my own wire fairies, and this is the result!

Dotty Sport Girl

Dotty Sport Girl Illustration by Chloe Lights
Dotty Sport Girl Illustration

My 2nd try at gouache! I originally wanted to painted something in the style of Desigual but I went to their website only to see that unfortunately they have rebranded and don’t sell any of the beautiful mandala dresses they used to! So I was left with my imagination, painting a sporty girl (I always keep thinking about how beautiful and healthy my soon-te-be-born daughter will be) with lots of colorful dots!

I have to say, I am very impressed by gouache paints! They are vibrant, fun, easy-to-mix colors that are very opaque which comes handy at dot painting!

Dot Painted Nine Men’s Morris

Dot painted Nine Men's Morris by Chloe Lights
Dot painted Nine Men’s Morris

The idea came to me when I was thinking about playing some fun, easy games that I used to play when I was a child. I was looking for presents for my family members, too and I remember googling handpainted nine men’s morris and nothing interesting came up so I thought this is my time to shine! 🥰

Which original board games do would you love to see in dotty version?

By the way, this piece is my first ever gouache painting! It is much more environmental-friendly than acrylics, plus it won’t harm my soon-to-be-born baby ❤

Butterfly girl illustration

Butterfly girl watercolor illustration by Chloe Lights
Butterfly girl illustration

This should turn into a series now but I am not sure if it should be a purplish series or a butterfly girl series. I am very much drawn to the simplicity of this illustration and I love-love-love the colors of it!

Watercolor Pregnancy Illustration

watercolor pregnancy illustration by Chloe Lights
watercolor pregnancy illustration

I am 29 weeks pregnant and at the ultrasound, I could clearly see my baby’s facial features for the first time and ever since then I feel like I’m floating on clouds. I can’t wait to meet my girl and be a mum and this illustration is just about that.

Also, I know that the measures aren’t quite accurate, they rather express how I feel: the gratitude and amazement towards my spine, which can still hold me and my baby with no problem, no backache, the sorrow I feel for the ever-shrinking space my lungs have and for my sometimes supersensitive boobies, and the love I feel for my beautiful, colorful baby girl. ❤

Watercolor Illustration about Mental Health

Watercolor Illustration about Mental Health by Chloe Lights
Watercolor Illustration about Mental Health

I love Dixit board game and when I finished this painting, I was so happy with it, I thought it would perfectly fit into one of the cards.

However, I originally was inspired to paint an illustration about mental health around Christmas time. At the time, I saw a lot of mean things happening online. I have not had a purpose of creating art before, even when I was heavily opnionated, I kept my thoughts to myself. Although now, that I am expecting a baby, I see the world in a different eye and I am determined to stand up for what I believe in.