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Black Lives Matter Watercolor Illustration
Black Lives Matter Watercolor Illustration

This painting is my newest – and I believe altogether 3rd – black lives matter art. I hope to keep the awareness raised and hope to see some major changes in the way people think and talk about black people.

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Dot Painted Watercolor Mandala in Art Nouveau Style

Dot Painted Watercolor Mandala in Art Nouveau style by Chloe Lights
Art Nouveau Mandala

During Christmas time I unfortunately lost a really good friend of mine of 20 years. She loved mandalas so I naturally felt inspired to paint a mandala, although it turned out much darker (both in mood and color) than I thought it would. But I love how the outer area looks like the leaves in a summer storm..Sajnos a karácsonyi ünnepek alatt elveszítettem egy barátnőmet, akit 20 éve ismertem már. Nagyon szerette a mandalákat, így inspirált egy mandala festésére, habár sokkal sötétebbre sikerült (hangulatában és színeiben is), mint gondoltam. Viszont nagyon tetszik, hogy a háttér úgy tűnik, mint a nyári viharban ingadozó levelek.

Butterfly fairy illustration

Butterfly girl watercolor illustration
Buterfly girl

This watercolor piece was a custom order after the painting Emily. I deliberately made some changes, e.g. I added hair and I positioned the butterflies differently, I even used peach color as a base for skin because I never paint 2 of he exact same paintings.


Emily watercolor illustration by Chloe Lights

I learnt the great news that I’m pregnant in 2021 September and soon after my partner and I moved to and settled down at the countryside of Hungary, I painted this painting imagining how my soon-to-be born daughter will look like.