Together We Stand With Ukraine

The Ukrainian war has been going on for almost 4 weeks already and while it is horrible to watch any news about it, my heart melts at the overwhelming amount of help of the civilian people in my country.

They all have their own problems, work, private life, they still have the time to help those who are in terrible need right now.

Together, we stand for Ukraine 💙💛

Together we stand Ukraine Gouache Illustration by Chloe Lights
Together we stand Ukraine

As for the daily amount of terrible news, it breaks my heart to know that mums, grandmoms, infants, babies had to die alongside with many-many families being torn forever. It gets to me especially because I am about to deliver a new life into the world.

So I really felt the need to express my heartbreak through art. While I swore to never-ever create bloody, depressed, or any sort of art that creates sadness in its viewer, I had to paint something in the subjects. That’s why I chose to paint the Ukrainian flag with many people of different colors.

I hope you appreciate my art.

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