Airplane on tree illustration by Chloe Lights
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New collab: There Once Was A Limerick

I had a chance to collab with the wonderfully talented limerick writer Shejal, please check out her Instagram: Here is her fun limerick, matched with my illustration: There once was an airplane so roundNot aerodynamically soundIt hovered like beesOn flowerless treesA dozen feet over the ground! Aeroplane on tree illustration

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Anniversary of my first solo exhibition

4 years ago today I held my very first solo exhibition! I still feel the mixed feelings of being super excited and super scared at the same time. Living the life as a shy person I was not ready to talk in front of a lot of people! I always felt like I'm not a… Continue reading Anniversary of my first solo exhibition

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Pricing My Art

So this has been a growing concern of mine mainly because I have had and also plan to hold exhibitions in the UK, I would also love to publish there (UK is convenient for me because my mum lives there) while actually I live and work in Hungary, where the minimum wage is almost 1/4… Continue reading Pricing My Art

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Story Time | I met a collector of my art

Last Saturday I opened Intuita at 10 am, as usual, having chaos in my mind, as usual, doing 10 things at the same time, as always. Not long after a young girl stepped in whom I immediately recognize: she was here about 6 months ago and she bought half of my stock at the time,… Continue reading Story Time | I met a collector of my art

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A Welcome Gift on Patreon

Not so long ago I opened my Patreon account and created a gift exclusively to those who decide to support me! Join tiers Stags or Lions now to receive a 2020 card calendar as a welcome gift! The size of it is 16 mm x 10 mm and is only available through my Patreon size… Continue reading A Welcome Gift on Patreon

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Dotting – the neverending story | Pötyikézés – a végtelen történet

Fairy I think I have reached the most beautiful part of my career - when what I can make is never enough and my art is sold faster than I can make new ones! Naturally, you would think that dotting all of the time (4 years!) would make me very impatient and that my creative… Continue reading Dotting – the neverending story | Pötyikézés – a végtelen történet