Hot air balloon coloring page by Chloe Lights in dottillism style
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Free Coloring Book For My 6th Year Anniversary of Dot Painting

I have been so-so grateful for my art journey, for finding the courage and the confidence to create art, to better define who I am and who I want to be and for my passion for dots. I always think of ways to give back to the universe something in return and for my 6th… Continue reading Free Coloring Book For My 6th Year Anniversary of Dot Painting

Yoga Illustration by Chloe Lights
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A bad experience from 2019

In 2019 autumn I gathered all my inner strength and posted a few of my illustrations in a Facebook group, asking whether the people in that particular illustration group thought I was good enough to be an illustrator or if there are any areas where I need to develop, their thoughts are very much appreciated.… Continue reading A bad experience from 2019

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A Shoutout To Bloggers and Writers

I am a dot artist for 4 and a half years now and it took me quite some time to have the confidence to call myself an artist. A few days ago I thought about my journey as a painter and jewel designer and where I stand at the moment and I realized that I… Continue reading A Shoutout To Bloggers and Writers