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My passion, my art and my inspirations



2020 Jewel Collection: Lightdrops

I am so excited to share this new collection! I have been working on it for quite some time and I had the most difficult time finding a name for it! For the past couple of years I have had nature-related names for my collection mainly because I love nature but also to have a… Continue reading 2020 Jewel Collection: Lightdrops

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Pricing My Art

So this has been a growing concern of mine mainly because I have had and also plan to hold exhibitions in the UK, I would also love to publish there (UK is convenient for me because my mum lives there) while actually I live and work in Hungary, where the minimum wage is almost 1/4… Continue reading Pricing My Art

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Hummingbird Collection| Kolibri Kollekció

Hummingbird I am so excited to show you my new collection! It is called Hummingbird for a number of reasons: my mum used to call me Hummingbird which, to be honest, was my favourite nickname of all. Dot painted mandala jewel with Swarovski The other reason is hummingbirds have iridescent feathers just like the Swarovski… Continue reading Hummingbird Collection| Kolibri Kollekció

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Flora & Fauna Jewel Collection

"Some days I am the flower.Some days I am the rain." Pavana Here are my lovelies - 12 earring of my Flora & Fauna collection - they come in ten different shades so that leaves you with 120 option for earrings! My main concern in 2019 was quality, therefore I only use pure surgical stainless… Continue reading Flora & Fauna Jewel Collection