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Babies are born with the knowledge of the universe

Since I gave birth to my daughter I believe that babies are born with the knowledge of the universe. Ancient baby illustration You can shop this original painting here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1298961108/babies-are-born-with-the-knowledge-of When I look into her eyes, she looks at me as if she was looking right into my soul - it makes my heart melt… Continue reading Babies are born with the knowledge of the universe

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New Prints Available In My Etsy Shop


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My first ever art-zine

Many of you know that I have been dot painting for a little over 7 years. I was inspired by Elspeth McLeans' beautiful dot painted mandala stones but have always wanted to paint illustrations. Dot Painted Art Ever since I was little I loved illustrations and mosaic art so after all, it seems natural that… Continue reading My first ever art-zine

Chloe Lights Stag Couple T-shirt
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My most exciting project so far

I have hardly ever bragged about my accomplishments mostly because I'm shy by nature and also because I measure success in a way that if I create something (whether it's a painting, jewelry, book, or even a cup of coffee), it can only be successful if I'm so in love with it that I would… Continue reading My most exciting project so far

Hot air balloon coloring page by Chloe Lights in dottillism style
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Free Coloring Book For My 6th Year Anniversary of Dot Painting

I have been so-so grateful for my art journey, for finding the courage and the confidence to create art, to better define who I am and who I want to be and for my passion for dots. I always think of ways to give back to the universe something in return and for my 6th… Continue reading Free Coloring Book For My 6th Year Anniversary of Dot Painting


For Mother’s Day

Some time ago, my dear friend, Anota showed me a video of how a baby developes over the period of 9 months and I thought to myself: this truly is the biggest miracle I can imagine! Mother's Day Illustration by Chloe Lights Mother's day is celebrated either in March or May in most of the… Continue reading For Mother’s Day

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10 day challenge | How To Love Yourself | Day 10

Today is the most difficult task of them all: you need to practice forgiving yourself for your mistakes. You might think you have never made one or that you did but you never think about it any more but you can't fully accept and love yourself without acknowledging and understanding, eventually accepting the fact that… Continue reading 10 day challenge | How To Love Yourself | Day 10